June 19, 2023


The parliamentary committee reviewing changes to federal electoral laws tabled its interim report today. It made a range of recommendations including that there should be caps on donations to ‘third parties’ - a category in federal electoral laws that applies to dozens of Australian charities.

Ray Yoshida, spokesperson for the Stronger Charities Alliance, said

“It’s disappointing to see the committee make a recommendation that could so fundamentally impact charities that take part in policy debates.

“Capping donations to third parties is discriminatory because it stops charities from having an active voice while doing nothing to address the influence of industry groups who can rely on other sources of income.

“Charities enrich our democracy by being a voice for communities during election periods. Without them voters would only hear from politicians and business groups.

“The Stronger Charities Alliance supports greater integrity in our federal elections and welcomes other reforms put forward by the committee, but this recommendation misses the mark.

“We urge the committee and the government to properly consult the charity sector and listen to experts so we can strengthen our democracy and avoid suppressing charity voices.”