About us

“Charity isn’t just about helping people in poverty. It’s about creating a country where poverty doesn’t exist” - Kasy Chambers, Executive Director of Anglicare Australia, Stronger Charities Alliance member

The Stronger Charities Alliance was formed in 2017 in response to a number of bills which would have silenced charities on issues of national importance.

The vision of the alliance is of a thriving not-for-profit sector, where charities are empowered to advocate for lasting change in pursuit of their charitable purposes.

Together, around 130 members of the Stronger Charities Alliance represent millions of Australians concerned with a wide range of issues, including education, social welfare, human rights, international development, animal welfare, the environment, health, climate change, disability rights and philanthropy.

Our organisations, the issues on which we work , and the communities that we represent are diverse, but we all share a fundamental commitment to serve the public interest.

The alliance was formerly called Hands Off Our Charities, but has changed its name to reflect a renewed focus on bringing civil society organisations back into the heart of government policy making.

The alliance is managed by a steering committee of members and is coordinated by the Australian Democracy Network

Policy areas we advocate on

charity regulation

Ensuring the regulatory environment properly enables charities to engage in lawful advocacy and doesn’t impose onerous red tape

Electoral laws

Ensuring community voices can meaningfully participate in election debates


Ensuring that federal funding agreements don’t prohibit advocacy

Our Members